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Hitachi Cable America Introduces 10-Gigabit
Category 6A Ethernet UTP Cable

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Manchester, NH May 2006 - Hitachi Cable Manchester, a leader in the manufacture of copper and fiber optic communications cables, now offers a new augmented Category 6 unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable designed specifically to accommodate 10-gigabit Ethernet applications up to 100 meters. The new Supra 10G™ cable, available in riser rated (part #30222-8), plenum rated (#30218-8) and low-smoke zero halogen (#30224-8) versions, utilizes a number of engineering features that allow the cable to have not only superior individual cable performance, but to provide outstanding performance in regards to alien crosstalk. Alien crosstalk, when signal from one cable jumps to an adjacent cable, is a significant factor in the performance of a 10-gigabit cable.

Eugene Urbina, Engineering Manager for Hitachi Cable, described how the unique physical characteristics of the Supra 10G™ cable enable it to exceed the requirements of the standard and perform better than most of its competitors. "Our Supra 10G™ combines a splined-jacket construction along with a patented non-concentric core that helps create a cable that will not only exceed all alien crosstalk requirements, but perform exceptionally well as a single leg. Some manufacturers have chosen to sacrifice individual cable performance to achieve the alien crosstalk performance required in the standard. We believe our design allows our customers to have both."

The standard for this cable, currently known as TIA 568-B.2-10, is expected to be released in February of 2007. The standard outlines the performance characteristics required for augmented Category 6 (Category 6A) cable. Unlike Category 6 cable, which is tested to 250 MHz, Category 6A cable will be tested to 500 MHz. The higher frequencies create new challenges, such as alien crosstalk, which the engineering department at Hitachi Cable had to overcome. Though the Category 6A standard is still in draft form, Supra 10G™ surpasses the current draft's requirements.

Supra 10G™ is now available through Hitachi Cable approved distributors. For information on where to obtain the new Supra 10G™, contact Hitachi Cable America at +1.800.772.0116.

To learn more about other Hitachi Cable products, visit the company website at

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