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Proterial Cable America offers high-performance cable solutions across diverse industries, ensuring reliability and compliance with industry standards. PCA offers a range of flat cables designed to meet your diverse needs for internal connections within equipment. Our flat cables provide both power and data transmissions, making them indispensable in various applications across industries such as wireless, transportation, industrial, medical, hyper scale data centers, defense and avionics, security, building infrastructure, and data center sectors. 

Flat Ribbon Cable | Industrial Ethernet | Transit | Medical Cable | Defense & Avionics

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Industrial Ethernet

PVC Jacketed 600 Volt
  • Category 5e, 6 and tray-rated versions
  • PVC 600 volt cables 
  • Cables are designed for hard industrial environments and operating conditions that have high noise levels 
  • Flexible use
  •  Stationary applications
  • UL approvals, CMX outdoor CMR, CMG, PLTC and AWM

Transit Cable

We manufacture Supervisory and Communication Cables for transit systems.  

Listings, Standards & Approvals
  • NYCTA Approved
  • Flame Test UL 1666
  •  NES 711 Issue 2 Smoke Index 
  • NES 711 Issue 3 Toxicity Index 
  • MIL 24643 Acid Gas
  • MIL 24643 Halogen Content
  • ASTM E 662-06 Smoke Generation (Flaming & Non-Flaming) 
  • ASTM D 471-06 Fluid Immersion
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Medical Cable Solutions

One of Proterial’s many strengths is building complex fine wire bundles. These are traditionally found in ultrasound imaging environments for medical probe cables in both medical and non-medical applications where precision and performance are paramount. 

Proterial offers a broad range of products, capabilities and customized cables that support a wide variety of applications and equipment. Our expertise spans several medical market segments endoscopy, surgical catheter manufacturing & assembly, and cable manufacturing & device assembly. We strive to listen to the needs of our customers and develop the next generation of lifesaving products that our OEMs require. 

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Defense Solutions

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