Design, Prototyping and Testing Capabilities

Proterial Cable America is a trusted automotive components provider for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier One customers. We offer a wide range of comprehensive process validations and testing capabilities to ensure the durability, reliability, and performance of our automotive components. 

Design: Utilizing (Catia, NX, Pro-E, Team Center, Robo-guide ) we can mimic a brake hose design utilizing a computer model study (IPS) to ensure the design will work within the model of the vehicle.   We take a hands-on customer focused support approach by having a dedicated team of engineers assigned to each OEM vehicle Manufacturer.

3D Scanning and Simulation: We offer advanced 3D scanning and simulation capabilities specifically tailored to assist vehicle manufacturers in their prototype testing and production processes. Our 3D scanning and simulation services enable manufacturers to simulate the full range of wheel motion for critical vehicle components such as brake hoses, and ABS systems. 

Prototyping: We are a build to print manufacturer with the ability to do small sample runs. We employ the latest robotic technologies to meticulously create jigs based on engineering drawings.  In this stage, we can identify potential design or manufacturing issues to avoid costly and timely design iterations which  accelerates your speed-to market. 

We welcome you to leverage the expertise and capabilities of our engineering team to ensure the successful production of high-quality products that meet exact specifications and market demands.

PCA Testing Capabilities:

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Finished Product Testing:

Jounce and Rebound

Jounce and rebound testing subjects our brake lines to rigorous testing to ensure durability, flexibility and resistance to deformation during wheel movements. This test ensures reliable and safe braking performance for real-world driving conditions.

Hot Impulse Testing

Hot impulse testing subjects our automotive components to cyclic heating and pressurization to evaluate their durability and performance under high-temperature conditions experienced during extended operation.

Whip Testing

Whip Testing aims to assess the durability and performance of motorcycle brake hoses under dynamic conditions, including vibration, shock, and rapid flexing to ensuring they can withstand similar stresses without failure or leakage during motorcycle operation.

High / Low Temperature Exposure

We subject our components extreme temperatures ranging from -75°C to +260°C. This test allows us to assess the performance and reliability in both hot and cold environments.

Burst Pressure

Our brake hoses and other automotive components are subject to increasing internal pressure until it ruptures or bursts in order to determine the maximum pressure holding capacity before a failure or leakage occurs. 


Brake hoses consist of multiple layers, including inner tubing, reinforcement layers, and outer covers. The adhesion test ensures that these layers are securely bonded together and can withstand the stresses and pressures experienced during braking without separation.

Volume Change

A process used to measure the dimensional changes of a material or component under specific conditions, typically exposure to various environmental factors or stressors to test stability, performance and durability over time. 


Deformation testing assesses the material’s response to applied loads, ensuring the automotive component maintains its structural integrity under stress without excessive distortion.

Bending Resistance

Bending resistance testing evaluates the material’s ability to withstand bending forces, critical for components subjected to bending during operation, such as brackets or suspension elements.

Fuel Resistance

Fuel resistance testing examines the component’s compatibility and resilience when exposed to fuels, guaranteeing its performance and safety in fuel system applications.

Pressure Impulse

Pressure impulse testing measures the component’s capacity to withstand sudden pressure changes, simulating real-world scenarios like rapid valve closures or braking, ensuring reliability and preventing failures.

Front End Simulation Testing

Complete full actuation of braking system to 1 million cycles, or customer requirements

Materials Testing:

Original Properties

  • Tensile
  • Elongation
  • Modulus
  • Durometer
  • Specific Gravity

Aging Properties

  • Fuel
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Oil

Application Engineering Support:

  • Customer Warranty Claims
  • NHTSA Investigation Support
  • Vehicle Assembly Plant Issues
  • Customer VA/VE Activities
  • Assembly Plant Trial Production Runs 
  • Special Request Customer Testing

Lab Photos:

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Speak with a Design, Prototyping & Testing Specialist to get started!