Electronic Parking Brake Harnesses

Proterial Cable America is a Leading Manufacturer in both Brake Hose and Electrical Wiring Technologies.

Why Proterial Cable America Electronic Parking Brake Harnesses? 

  • We develop harnesses for use in electric parking brakes that excel in flexural resistance and durability. Our harnesses are designed to conserve space inside the cabin and elevate vehicle safety.
  • Highly durable and maintain a standard level of undamaged electrical properties even after being subjected to more than five million oscillations
  • Global supply system with sites in Japan, Thailand, China, and Europe.

Our electronic parking brake (EPB) systems are globally utilized and integrated with various advanced automotive technologies. Key components include EPB, wheel speed sensors, and combinations that enhance vehicle safety and performance. 

Electronic Parking Brake Only

Electronic Parking Brake + Wheel Speed Sensor

EAC  (Electronic Parking Brake and Integrated Wheel Speed Sensor Head

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  • 4-Core EAC: Integrates EPB and ABS sensors in one harness.
  • 6-Core and 7-Core Harnesses: Include additional functionalities like active dampening systems (ADS) and
    G-sensors for safety and performance.
Wheel Speed SensorElectronic Parking BrakeMulti-Core Wires
Conductor Size0.25SQ or 0.3SQ2.5SQ or 2.0SQ0.5SQ or 0.3SQ
Conductor MaterialCopper AlloyPure CopperCopper Alloy
Insulation MaterialCross-Linked PolyethyleneCross-Linked PolyethyleneCross-Linked Polyethylene
Outer MaterialThermoplastic PolyurethaneThermoplastic PolyurethaneThermoplastic Polyurethane

We Utilize Simulation Technology to Analyze Cable Behavior, Lifepan & Layout Measurement.


  • Quicker development cycles by streamlining the process.
  • High reliability through precise evaluations using a bending machine.
  • Determination of optimal cable harness specifications via robotic layout measurements.
  • Allows for a cable harness that meets the ideal specifications at a competitive price, ensuring quality and cost-efficiency.
Speak with a Electronic Parking Brake Harnesses Specialist to get started!
Speak with a Electronic Parking Brake Harnesses Specialist to get started!

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