Wheel Speed Sensors

We work with OEMs to design custom wheel speed sensors that meet specific vehicle requirements.

Designed To Meet Your Specific Needs: Output Waveform: Standard, PWM, VDA Protocol compatible (using Infineon IC)

Accurate Speed Signals

Detects magnetic flux density changes and outputs a speed signal +α

  • Low output pitch error (iTPMS compatible):
    Highly accurate readings with low error in output signal, compatible with indirect tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Direction of rotation detection:
    IC determines direction wheel is rotating, crucial for stability control.
  • Magnetic Flux Density Intensity Detection: Measures strength of magnetic flux density, to diagnose health of sensor or the magnetic ring that it reads from.
  • Survival Signals: Even partial failure, IC sends out signal for fault diagnosis / triggers safe mode in vehicle

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Stability and Brake Control

Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) wheel speed sensors monitor the speed of each wheel during braking to prevent wheel lock-up by transmitting the speed information to the ABS control module, which modulates brake pressure to prevent skidding.

Insulation TypeMDMR
Base Material Fire RetardentPE with cross-linking catalyst Magnesium hydroxideLow Density PE
Cross-linking MethodChemical Cross-LinkingElectron Beam Cross-Linking
Tensile Strength14.0 MPa18.2 MPa
100% Modulus14.0 MPa9.9 MPa
Degree of cross-linking60%70%
Sheath TypeEL
Cross-linking MethodChemical Cross-Linking
HardnessJIS A 90±2
Tensile Strength45 MPa
100% Modulus8 MPa
TypeConductor SizeConductor CompositionCable DiameterBend Resistance -35℃SOP
A0.3mm27/22/0.055.0mmappx. 35,000 times1997-
B0.3mm260/0.085.0mmappx. 26,000 times1997-
C0.3mm260/0.085.0mmappx. 18,000 times1997-
E0.25mm248/0.084.3mmappx. 10,000 times2008-
F0.25mm248/0.084.0mmappx. 10,000 times2017-
Speak with a Wheel Speed Sensors Specialist to get started!
Speak with a Wheel Speed Sensors Specialist to get started!