OE Brake Hoses

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Complex Dual Brake Hose
Complex, Dual Brake Hose
Rear Brake Hose Assembly Integrated Tubing
Rear Hose Assembly with and without integrated tubing tube
Front Brake Hose Assemblies with Brackets
Front Hose assembly with Bracket
Front Brake Hose Assemblies with Banjo
Front Hose assembly with Banjo
Dual Female Brake Hose
Front Hose assembly with Banjo

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Simple Design

A basic brake hose typically consists of a single hose with either male and female fittings or female-to-female or male-to-male connections. These are commonly used in standard automotive applications.

Front Hose Assemblies

Designed for front brakes, these assemblies come with options like banjo fittings or brackets. Banjo fittings offer routing flexibility, while brackets provide additional support for the hose.

Rear Hose Assemblies

Our rear brake hose assemblies are available with or without integrated tubing, offering flexibility in installation to accommodate various vehicle requirements and space limitations.

Complex Brake Hoses

Designed for light-duty vehicles and heavy-duty trucks with dual braking systems, these hoses feature intricate designs to meet unique performance demands and provide durability in high-pressure environments.

Speak with a OE Brake Hoses Specialist to get started!
Speak with a OE Brake Hoses Specialist to get started!