Torque Sensors

High-Precision Torque Sensors are Vital for Modern Steering Systems

We offer Torque Only Sensors (TOS), Torque Angle Sensors (TAS), and combination sensors tailored to meet the specific needs of your next vehicle build.

Our in-house production ensures the highest quality and reliability, with rigorous testing to meet stringent safety standards. 

Circuit Board Assembly: Used in various applications, including older hydraulic steering systems now being replaced by electric steering.


Torque Only Sensor: Measures torque without angle detection.

Torque Angle Sensors: Measures both the torque applied and the angle of the steering wheel.

BOOSCA: Best of Optimized Special Column Assist

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Driver Input: Steering wheel torque is applied to the input shaft.

Shaft Twist: This input twists the steering column, altering magnetic fields.

Magnetic Flux Change: The torque sensor detects changes in magnetic flux.

ECU Signal: Sensor sends an electrical signal to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Motor Assistance: ECU activates motor to provide necessary steering assistance.

Speak with a Torque Sensors Specialist to get started!
Speak with a Torque Sensors Specialist to get started!