Sensing and Power Products

Proterial Cable Amercia specializes in the manufacturing of safety-critical braking components, including Electronic Parking Brakes (EPBs) and ABS Wheel Speed Sensors. With a strong focus on quality and reliability, we are proud to deliver essential components that ensure the safety and performance of vehicles on the road. 

What the PCA Automotive Division Manufactures:

  • Electronic Parking Brake Harnesses (EPB)
  • Active ABS Wheel Speed Sensors (WSS)

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Why PCA Electronic Parking Brake Harnesses? 

    • PCA develops harnesses for use in electric parking brakes that excel in flexural resistance and durability. This helps conserve space inside the cabin and elevates vehicle safety and convenience.
    • Highly durable and maintain a standard level of undamaged electrical properties even after being subjected to more than five million oscillations*
    • Global supply system with sites in Japan, Thailand, China, and Europe.

Why PCA Active ABS Wheel Speed Sensors? 

    • Manufactured with cutting edge semiconductor sensing elements designed to respond to the latest advancements in ABS technology.
    • Unparalleled stability in output at low or high speeds.
    • Compact, lightweight sensors with few parts.
Speak with a Sensing and Power Products Specialist to get started!
Speak with a Sensing and Power Products Specialist to get started!