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Hi-Net Supra™ 660 Cables Rated to Support 10 Gbps Since 1997

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Hi-Net Supra 660 CablesManchester, NH May 2003: The initial development of IEEE's 10GBASE-T standard has many cabling professionals questioning the capability of their category 6 components to support this 10 Gbps application when it is ratified. The concern is due to the fact that proposed 10GBASE-T transceiver equipment may need to sample information at frequencies above 600 MHz in order to reconstruct transmitted data. Hitachi Cable America is pleased to confirm that we have always characterized the performance of our Hi-Net Supra family of category 6 cables to frequencies well beyond 600 MHz. In fact, because of our stringent internal product specification, we can proudly claim that the performance of our Supra cables has been rated to support 10 Gbps throughput since 1997.

Hi-Net Supra 660, our revised name for this premium line of category 6 cables, reflects our commitment to support the 10GBASE-T application when it is published. Hi-Net Supra 660 cables provide the following worst case performance margins to category 6 requirements:

  • +8 dB of NEXT loss headroom
  • +8 dB of PSNEXT loss headroom
  • +8 dB of ACRF headroom
  • +8 dB of PSACRF headroom
  • +3% of Insertion Loss headroom
  • Minimum test frequency: 660 MHz

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