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Ruggedized Industrial Ethernet Cables by Hitachi Cable America Reaches Into New Markets

Media Inquiries:
Joe Iamartino
Director of New Business Development

Manchester, NH April, 2009 - Hitachi Cable America (HCA), a leading manufacturer of copper and fiber optic cable, is extending its production capabilities to manufacture specialty Ethernet / Category cable, designed to withstand various application conditions to meet customer-specific environments.

"Ethernet started out in data communication centers but has now become pervasive in increasingly more challenging work environments such as in medical facilities, industrial plants, security corridors, and highway traffic flow monitoring to name a few", said Joe Iamartino, Director of New Business Development at Hitachi Cable America.

"Hitachi always offered numerous design options within its Category-cable product line, but now we are responding accordingly to increasing demands for highly customized ruggedized Ethernet cable for other industries that require the data speeds that Ethernet offers with cable constructions specifically suited to the application environments," explains Iamartino.

Industrial Ethernet Cables is seen in a variety of Industries:

Medical Facilities
In hospitals and other medical facilities, it is common-practice for cables to be wiped down regularly to meet the environment’s sterile specifications. The medical Ethernet cables must withstand the cleaning solvents without changing color over time and must be resistant to fungal growth.

Homeland Security
Security and Emergency services required an Ethernet cable that could be quickly deployed by hand in muddy conditions such as those following a hurricane. Added armor inside the cable was used to increase its crush and pull strength to allow the cable to be run over longer distances without fear of damage by repair crews.

Industrial Plants
HCA met two environmental challenges presented in the design of one custom-tailored Industrial Ethernet cable. First, the cable had to withstand continuous exposure to water, oil, fuels, etc. without degradation; Secondly, the cable, installed in robotic equipment, had to withstand over millions of cycles of continuous bending and flexing. Another application required resistance to aircraft fuels. Extremes such as low temperature flexing for conveyors in large-scale commercial freezers and high temperatures present in glass bottling and steel-making facilities can be accommodated.

Companies interested in obtaining more information about Hitachi’s new custom-tailored Industrial Ethernet cable capability or about the company's other expansive cabling product lines should contact the Sales Department at +1.800.772.0116, visit the website's Industrial Ethernet Cable product page for more detailed specifications.

About Hitachi Cable America

Hitachi Cable America, located in Manchester, NH manufactures a complete line of copper and fiber optic cables. Over 3,300 different cable products are manufactured at their facility. Products include Category 7 shielded cable, Category 6A UTP cable, Cat 6 ECO™ shielded, outdoor Category 5e and 6 cable, armored plenum-rated fiber optic cable as well as plenum-rated indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables.

To learn more about HCA cable products, please contact Hitachi Cable America or call toll free at +1.800.772.0116.

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