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ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 Facility Expansion and Operational Efficiency Improvements

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, May 20th, 2019

High Performance Medical Solutions (HPMS), a division of Hitachi Cable America Inc., has expanded its Rhode Island and Connecticut operations. Since the acquisition of HTP-MEDS (now HPMS) in early 2016, we have instituted changes to streamline program development and accelerate the prototyping to production launch cycle.

We have increased our staffing by 60% to serve customers in our surgical, optical furcation, catheter and endoscopy business segments. Operationally, we have increased equipment for vertical and horizontal braiding, pad printing, punching, drilling, trimming, RF forming, molding and copper cable assembly. Extrusion lines have been added for tighter tolerance controls and multilayer, multi-durometer designs.

In our machining and fabrication center in Ashaway, Rhode Island, we have added a large-scale painting booth, new highspeed optical inspection, and a pulsed MIG system & multi-process TIG Welder to increase welding speeds (>30%) with improved weld-quality, so critical to our customers’ next generation products.

Kevin Prue, General Manager of the Hi-Tech Machine and Fabrication Product Line (HTMF), “Hitachi has continued to invest to provide more value-added services and cost competitive pricing to our customers; both external and internal alike. We are training new operators and improving the local workforce by working in conjunction with local government and universities to foster the skills needed to meet tomorrow’s manufacturing requirements. We recognize the significant impact that new technologies will have on the future of manufacturing, such as 3D Additive Manufacturing, and we are actively working with Hitachi’s global research teams to be a leader in these rapidly evolving areas of technology.”

Richard Roth, Director of Business Development and Medical Marketing at HPMS adds, “It’s all about having a partner you can count on. Aside from our traditional components and services, we can also support OEMs with a wide array of other Hitachi products and resources. This is an exciting position to be in as a supplier when a conversation leads to broader topics of need. It’s nice to know that Hitachi has this depth of capability and we have access to it when needed.”

About Hitachi’s medical components in America:

To learn more about Hitachi Cable America, Inc. and the High Performance Medical Solutions division, please visit our website at

Steven Kenney
Marketing Manager
900 Holt Avenue
Manchester, NH 03109
+1-603-669-4347, ext. 229

Richard Roth
Dir., Business Development, Medical
900 Holt Avenue
Manchester NH 03109

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