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New Home Construction Benefits From Multi-Net™ Bonded Jacket Cable Offered by Hitachi

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Steve Kenney
Marketing Manager
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Manchester, NH May, 2009 - Hitachi Cable America, a leading manufacturer of copper and fiber optic cables for the communications industry, recently announced the growing popularity of its Multi-Net Bonded Jacket Cable.

"Unlike conventional installations, where one cable is pulled-in at a time, Multi-Net™ Bonded Jacket Cable makes installation even easier without wasting time in having to run multiple cables separately to support individual applications. For this purpose, many of Hitachis customers who select Multi-Net™ Bonded Jacket Cables are those who work in new construction or are performing cable installation upgrades where time is of the essence," explains Steve Kenney, Marketing Manager at Hitachi Cable America.

Multi-Net™ Bonded Jacket allows for faster installation due to its unique two and three leg construction, which is bonded by a tear-away web. Cables can be pulled in on one reel, which provides the technician with a quick set-up. Two cables, in one location can make an impact on overall construction costs which is one of the reasons why Multi-Net™ Bonded Jacket Cable is a popular product and considered a real cost-saver for many of Hitachi's customers.

Multi-Net™ Bonded Jacket Cable benefits-at-a-glance:

"Given the benefits of Hitachis Multi-Net™ Bonded Jacket Cable, contractors can easily install Cat5e cable, now considered the minimum industry standard in new residential construction, or Cat6 which will deliver more than sufficient future bandwidth capacity, while also providing cost-savings for their customers," adds Kenney.

Before starting your next construction project, consider the benefits that Multi-Net™ Bonded Jacket Cable will provide. Please contact the Sales Department at +1.800.772.0116, or visit the Multi-Net™ cable product page for detailed specifications and features.

About Hitachi Cable America

Hitachi Cable America, located in Manchester, NH manufactures a complete line of copper and fiber optic cables. Over 3,300 different cable products are manufactured at their facility. Products include Category 7 shielded cable, Category 6A UTP cable, Cat 6 ECO™ shielded, outdoor Category 5e and 6 cable, armored plenum-rated fiber optic cable as well as plenum-rated indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables.

To learn more about HCA cable products, please contact Hitachi Cable America or call toll free at +1.800.772.0116.

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