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Lantegra™ Supports Zone Cabling Systems

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Manchester, NH August 2001: Superior Modular Products (SMP), Inc. and Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc. have released the industry's first structured cabling solution designed specifically for use in multipair environments. Lantegra™ Zone 5e solutions support high-density applications (such as open office architectures) and are constructed from premium SMP connecting hardware and high performance Hitachi Cable. Featured system components include category 5e Telco patch panels, zone distribution boxes, multipair cables, and hybrid cables. In an improvement over other system offerings, Lantegra Zone solutions exceed industry standard's requirements for performance within each 4-pair group and are additionally qualified to minimize the adverse effects of undesired signal coupling from outside pairs (alien crosstalk). All Lantegra cabling systems installed by a Lantegra Certified Installer are backed by a comprehensive product and applications warrantee for a period of 25 years.

Lantegra Cabling Systems

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