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Premium Cable/Connectivity Partnership

Media Inquiries:
Steven Kenney (Contact)
+1.603.669.4347, Ext. 229

Manchester, NH January 2001: Superior Modular Products (SMP), Inc. and Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc. have jointly engineered a set of warranted, high-end twisted-pair cabling systems. Lantegra™ solutions are constructed from premium SMP connecting hardware and high performance Hitachi cable. In an improvement over other system offerings, Lantegra solutions not only deliver guaranteed performance headroom on a system level, but also provide best-in-class component level margins. Cabling systems offered include Lantegra 5e+ (provides margin to the '568-A-5 category 5e standard), Lantegra 6 (compliant to the proposed '568-B.2.1 category 6 standard), and Lantegra 6+ (provides margin to the proposed '568-B.2.1 category 6 standard). All Lantegra solutions are backed by a comprehensive product and applications warrantee for a period of 25 years.

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