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Hitachi Cable Introduces Indoor/Outdoor
Plenum-Rated Fiber Optic Cables

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Manchester, NH June, 2005 - Hitachi Cable Manchester is now manufacturing singlemode and multimode indoor/outdoor plenum-rated fiber optic cable.

The new cables permit building owners to connect buildings with fiber optic cables that can run directly between the telecommunication rooms of the buildings being linked. By eliminating the need to terminate the fiber optic cables in the entrance facility of the buildings, as required with standard outside plant fiber optic cable, you reduce termination costs, decrease entrance facility space requirements, and keep termination points in a protected environment by placing them in the telecommunication rooms. Also, if a more robust indoor cable solution is required, the cables can be installed in plenum spaces without the use of costly plenum innerduct.

"The addition of this product to our existing product line allows us to meet all of the fiber optic cable needs of our customers. This cable product not only reduces installation costs, it is also engineered and constructed with durability and long-life in mind," said Steven Kenney, Marketing Manager for Hitachi Cable Manchester.

The indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables are tight buffered with a 900-micron buffer and can accept connectors without a breakout kit typically required for loose-tube style outdoor fiber optic cables. Six to twelve fiber counts are currently available in this plenum design. Optical fiber options include 8.3-micron singlemode and both 62.5 and 50-micron multimode.

Plenum I/0 Fiber Singlemode 8.3 Multimode 62.5 Multimode 50
6-Strand 61459-6 61460-6 61464-6
12-Strand 61459-12 61460-12 61464-12

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