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Hitachi Announces the Release of its New Indoor Interconnect Fiber Optic Cable

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Steve Kenney
Marketing Manager
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Phone: +1.603.669.4347, ext. 229

Highly bend-tolerant fiber optic glass durable enough to be tied into a knot, and still deliver superior transmission

Manchester, NH April, 2009 - Hitachi Cable America, a leading manufacturer of copper and fiber optic cables, recently announced the release of its new Indoor Interconnect Fiber Optic Cables, adding it to its robust Fiber Optic product line.

"Our Indoor Interconnect Fiber Optic Cable provides a high level of performance that conventional fiber optic cables cannot deliver," explains Steve Kenney, Marketing Manager at Hitachi Cable America. "Even when installed in environments that could reduce its transmission rate such as that caused by small bends, our Indoor Interconnect Fiber Optic Cables will continue to offer customers reliable service."

Compatible with conventional SMF (single mode fiber) and ITU certified, Indoor Interconnect Fiber Optic Cables can be utilized in a variety of applications; however there are three very specific environments to which Indoor Interconnect Fiber Optic Cable is best suited.

Telecommunications Companies

Companies like Verizon benefit from using Indoor Interconnect Fiber Optic Cables due to its flexibility in accommodating numerous bends and turns during installation, which would otherwise affect the performance of standard fiber optic cable.

Enterprise Data Centers

These highly congested 'super computer sites' require high capacity, bendable fiber optic cables for efficient flow of data. Indoor Interconnect Fiber Optic Cables allow technicians to seamlessly run cables short distances under floors and overhead.

Industrial Markets

Any environment that will subject fiber optic cable to abusive and rough conditions make Indoor Interconnect Fiber Optic Cables the appropriate cable selection as it can be pulled, grabbed and twisted without negatively impacting its performance.

Companies interested in learning more about the benefits of bendable tolerant fiber optic glass should contact the Sales Department at Hitachi Cable America at +1.800.772.0116, or visit the Indoor Interconnect Fiber Optic Cable for more detailed product information.

About Hitachi Cable America

Hitachi Cable America, located in Manchester, NH manufactures a complete line of copper and fiber optic cables. Over 3,300 different cable products are manufactured at their facility. Products include Category 7 shielded cable, Category 6A UTP cable, Cat 6 ECO™ shielded, outdoor Category 5e and 6 cable, armored plenum-rated fiber optic cable as well as plenum-rated indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables.

To learn more about HCA cable products, please contact Hitachi Cable America or call toll free at +1.800.772.0116.

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