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High Performance Medical Solutions (HPMS), a division of Hitachi Cable America Inc., has implemented zero-waste to landfill procedures

Ashaway, RI U.S.A., April 2nd, 2021

Covanta Environmental Solutions has been working closely with High Performance Medical Solutions to become a zero-waste to landfill facility. The process makes use of the four "R's" of waste management.

  • Reducing materials consumption and waste
  • Reusing materials
  • Recycling composting and using anaerobic digestion
  • Recovering energy, after all recycling has been exhausted.

The purpose of this program is in-line with Hitachi Ltd.'s Social Innovation and Environmental and R&D strategies for 2021 which will focus on Hitachi's commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 in global operations, through its various businesses, and cutting-edge technologies that will ensure 100% use of renewable energy.

Consensus on climate change has been achieved among leaders around the world, and major countries are accelerating their efforts towards a carbon-free world. In November of 2021, business, political, and academic leaders from around the world will gather in Glasgow, UK, to discuss climate change countermeasures at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). To support this ideal opportunity to discuss measures against climate change focusing on carbon neutrality with these leaders, Hitachi has decided to become a Principal Partner (top-level partner) of the COP26.

UN Climate Change Conference

This partnership gives strong evidence of Hitachi's Mission, to "Contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products," which Hitachi has been conducting for 110 years. Hitachi members anticipate that COP26 will be a big step toward a zero-carbon world and there is hope that this highly anticipated event will raise people's awareness of environment challenges even further.

Within the Rhode Island and Connecticut facilities, a zero-waste to landfill procedure has been implemented to help operations to avoid 25,000 pounds of trash and plastics being transferred to a landfill. The project, kicked off a year and three months prior, was first initiated when the facility was struggling to recycle its plastic resins. HPMS searched for months for someone who could potentially use them.

The chemical components and molecular makeup of the plastics deterred many from recycling and it seemed that this waste was inevitably destined for a landfill. This notion didn't sit well with Hitachi staff, nor would it sit well with our planet. We were determined to prevent the waste and ultimately found the perfect partner in Covanta Environmental Solutions. HPMS was able to use the materials as a source of energy recovery through clean burn processing. A list of plastics was provided to Covanta and analytical tests were run to ensure that the materials were safe for secondary processing, which fortunately they were.

Covanta is giving Hitachi Cable America a chance to make a difference where it truly matters. We are very excited to become a part of the larger solution toward establishing zero-waste operations and carbon neutral living. Annually, Covanta reduces 21 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, continuously powers 1 million homes, and recycles 550,000 tons of metal a year. That's enough metal to build 6 golden gate bridges and 3 billion beverage cans. Covanta takes non-Hazardous waste and generates steam for electricity production through a specialized burn process. The ash produced from the burn is subsequently used to recover metal for recycling operations while all gas byproducts are collected and filtered to minimize environmental impact.

About HPMS:

HPMS is a medical device manufacturer that specializes in the production of medical devices for diagnostic and interventional procedures. HPMS offers ISO-13485:2016 compliant operations in Rhode Island and Connecticut U.S.A., and Suzhou, China serving endoscopic, cardiovascular, ultrasound and neurovascular OEMs. Complimentary to our medical device production, the Hi-Tech Machine and Fabrication team excels in the production of defense components, for critical to life and mission systems. To learn more about Hitachi Cable America, Inc. and the High Performance Medical Solutions division, please visit our website at

About Hitachi, Ltd.:

Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a multinational conglomerate offering highly diverse products, technologies and services. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's website at

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