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Hitachi Cable Joins Allied Fiber’s Dark Fiber Community, Advanced Ethernet Extenders, WDM, and Cable Solutions Provider

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Tokyo, Japan November 13, 2012

Hitachi Cable, a leading provider of Ethernet*1-related products, announces it has joined the Dark Fiber Community, an online community created by Allied Fiber. The community will benefit from Hitachi Cable’s extensive technology and over 20 years experience in the Ethernet market.

Hitachi Cable is the leading provider of most advanced Ethernet products and data center fiber optic cables in the global market. In the Carrier Ethernet field, the company has developed a wide variety of Ethernet switches, media converters and WDM transponders with innovative Ethernet technologies. Significant numbers of service providers in Japan have adopted Hitachi Cable’s products and solutions to provide reliable and competitive Ethernet services for their business customers and consumer market. In the datacenter field, Hitachi Cable has a long history of designing carefully engineered fiber optic cable for best-in-class performance, ease of use and flexibility. From simplex fiber constructions to large, armored multi-fiber cables, their wide range of standard and custom solutions accommodate any customers’ needs.

“We are pleased to share our experiences and expertise in fiber optic cable, Wavelength and Ethernet technologies to the members and visitors of the Dark Fiber Community,” states Hideo Muneyasu, General Manager of Global Business Development of Hitachi Cable. “Our membership will also provide us the opportunity to learn the trends, latest technologies, and services of others in the U.S.”

“The expanding diversity of IT systems, including IP telephony and VoIP, as well as mission critical tasks have placed enormous burdens on the networks currently used in business,” continues Hunter Newby, CEO of Allied Fiber and Founder of the Dark Fiber Community. “The demand for faster, higher capacity based networks, makes the Dark Fiber Community a resource to the industry as a whole. With companies like Hitachi Cable sharing their insight and expertise, the platform offers valuable insight globally. We welcome Hitachi Cable to the Dark Fiber Community.”

About the Performance Cable Systems & Materials Division

The Performance Cable Systems & Materials Division is a unit of Hitachi Cable America, Inc. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, the division manufactures a complete line of HCA™ brand high-performance copper and fiber optic cables for the communication industry. Over 4,000 different cable products are manufactured at this facility. Products include Category 6 and 6A copper communication cables, indoor, indoor/outdoor and outside plant fiber optic cables, as well as round and flat electronic cables. The division also sells Apresia network switches, fiber optic transceivers and other active optical devices, copper alloy strips as well as materials used in the manufacture of semiconductor wafers. To learn more about Hitachi Cable America, Inc. and the Performance Cables Systems & Materials Division, please visit our website at Hitachi Cable America, Inc. is a unit of Hitachi Cable, Japan which is held by Hitachi, Ltd., Japan.

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