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Hitachi Cable America Introduces New 10 Gigabit Ethernet Cable

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Hitachi Cable America
Steven Kenney
Marketing Manager
Office: +1.603.669.4347, ext. 229 (Contact)

Manchester, NH November 15, 2011

Hitachi Cable America (HCA) with its manufacturing facility located in Manchester, NH, USA, is pleased to announce the release of its new Enhanced Category 6 10G RD™ cable.

Cross Section of Category 6 10G RD Cable

The 10G RD™ is a reduced diameter 10 gigabit cable designed to accommodate 10 gigabit Ethernet up to 90 meters in a channel configuration. While possessing a small, 0.29 inch overall diameter, the 10G RD™ exhibits alien crosstalk performance equivalent to that of a Category 6A cable of much larger diameter. After significant research and testing, HCA’s engineering team has developed a cable that looks and installs like a typical Category 6 cable, but offers the electrical performance beyond what is necessary to accommodate 10 gigabit Ethernet up to a full 90 meters. “What is exciting about this cable is that it will deliver guaranteed 10 gigabit throughput in any installation environment. Whether it is utilized in a data center, call center or shopping center, the 10G RD™’s robust construction enables it to mitigate alien crosstalk and deliver optimal performance. The small diameter of the 10G RD™ also permits increased conduit fill rates and the use of smaller basket tray or ladder rack helping to reduce material costs,” says Steven Kenney, Marketing Manager for HCA. “Additionally,” says Kenney, “the 10G RD™ and the connective hardware used in the channel can be covered by a lifetime product and performance warranty. No other 10 gigabit cable is a versatile as the 10G RD™.” The 10G RD™ is available in plenum and riser constructions and comes in a variety of colors. Standard reel lengths are 1,000 feet. The 10G RD™ is available through HCA’s network of distributors.

About Hitachi Cable America

HCA is a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., Japan. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, HCA manufactures a complete line of high-performance copper and fiber optic cables for the communication industry. Over 4,000 different cable products are manufactured at this facility. Products include Category 6 and 6A copper communication cables, indoor, indoor/outdoor and outside plant fiber optic cables, as well as round and flat electronic cables. To learn more about HCA, please visit the HCA website at

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