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HPMS Machining Announcement

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Steven Kenney
Marketing Manager
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Manchester, NH 03109
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+1-(603) 669-4347, ext. 229

Richard Roth
Dir. Business Development and Marketing, Medical
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Ashaway, RI 02804
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+1-(603) 669-4347, ext. 288

Ashaway, RI U.S.A., September 5th, 2019 - High Performance Medical Solutions (HPMS), a division of Hitachi Cable America Inc., adds Swiss Screw Machining Centers, Significantly Expanding Specialty Machining Capabilities and Vertical Integration Offerings

HPMS, is a leading contract manufacturer for medical devices and a strategic supplier of catheter tubing and high-performance cable, cable assemblies and finished medical devices. HPMS has expanded its Rhode Island operations to include 3 sizes of high capacity Swiss screw machines with maximum machining diameters of 16mm (5/8 inch), 20mm (25/32 inch), and 32mm (1-1/4 inch) accordingly. This investment increases tight-tolerance and small component capacity and adds critical capabilities that will support a wide range of OEM requirements for the interventional and surgical medical device markets as well as commercial and defense markets.

Whether it is small implantable devices or large components for national defense, HPMS is excited to be able to offer such a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. Being a vertically integrated global supplier, Hitachi is capable of providing specialty alloys and high-performance materials, extruded tubing, braided tubing, fine wire cable, injection molding, machining and fabrication, medical cable and device assembly, with global high-volume manufacturing available.

Kevin Prue, General Manager of the Hi-Tech Machine and Fabrication Product Line within HPMS comments, “This recent expansion is extremely exciting because it reinforces Hitachi’s strong commitment to the specialized needs of our customers. The addition of screw machining allows us to manufacture small, tight-tolerance parts out of a variety of materials, including brass, stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, titanium, and plastics. I am confident that this investment will help our business grow both locally and globally. The medical device opportunities for custom screws, gears for cardiac devices, intricate components for surgical instruments and titanium implants can now all be addressed with confidence and the Hitachi commitment to quality.”

Richard Roth, Director of Business Development and Medical Marketing at HPMS adds, “Wire EDM and precision machining are at the core of almost all we do at HPMS. Our machine shop and fabrication center are seeing unprecedented growth and we are pleased to be able to add capacity and capabilities to keep up with the ongoing demand. Through the addition of Swiss screw machining we will be able to serve a much broader market and target those customers that allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competition. We have a strong brand name and we must do everything we can to live up to the expectations that Hitachi customers demand.”

About High Performance Medical Solutions and our defense components in America: HPMS is a medical device manufacturer that specializes in the production of medical devices for diagnostic and interventional procedures. HPMS offers ISO-13485:2016 compliant operations in Rhode Island and Connecticut U.S.A., and Suzhou, China serving endoscopic, cardiovascular, ultrasound and neurovascular OEMs. Complimentary to our medical device production, the Hi-Tech Machine and Fabrication team excels in the production of defense components, critical to life and mission systems.

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