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Cross-Linked PTFE - Low Friction Cross-Linked / Irradiated PTFE

Proterial Cable developed a unique irradiation technology to cross-link Polytetrafluoethylene (PTFE), an element consisting of fluorine and carbon elements, to create a material new to the market. PTFE is chemically stable and generally not cross-linked by chemical method. Proterial was able to cross-link PTFE to create a product that is suitable for many industries. PTFE is widely used in various markets, including but not limited to electric cables, semiconductors, pharmaceutical, food, and clothing.

Features of Cross-Linked PTFE®

  • Abrasion resistance is more than 1,000 times improved from PTFE.
  • Minimum damage to the material rubbed against – even when it is plastic or soft metal such as aluminum.
  • Better creep resistance than PTFE in both high and room temperature.
  • Springy characteristic that PTFE does not have.
  • Processing can be performed like PTFE - cut, paste, fusion, etc.
Cross-Linked PTFE Advanced Material
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