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High Capacitance Solid

Micro-coaxial Cable is used in a wide array of precision medical products and cabling applications, where limited space, highreliability, high-sensitivity and outstanding signal, capacitance and impedance characteristics are important. Micro-coax is ideal for ultrasound probes, catheters, endoscopy, oximetry systems, sensors, robotics and industrial automation and inspection. We offer a full range of standard sizes from 32 to 50 AWG using high-strength silver-plated or tinned-copper alloys that are rated to +200°C. Our micro-coaxial cable is a market leader due in part to our proprietary high-strength alloys with outstanding low-loss characteristics. PFA dielectric and jacket material provide stable properties for outstanding signal integrity, low capacitance, and consistent controlled impedance resulting in smaller diameter cables with improved flexibility and life. Our precision cabling technology enables our customers to use complex bundles while providing size and performance advantages without compromising on today’s Healthcare or Industrial standards. At Hitachi, we offer a wide range of turn-key design and manufacturing support. Whether buying bulk cable or receiving a completely manufactured assembly, we are perfectly positioned to meet your needs.

coaxial cable wrapped around a human hair

Photo: Copper alloy wire wrapped around an 80 micron human hair.

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