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Medical Machining & Fabrication

Medical machining and equipment fabrication require a unique set of skills and expertise. As the support arm to the HPMS extrusion business, we understand the subtleties of working in a highly controlled medical environment while producing exceptional quality components and assemblies. We have a strong history of experience in both design and manufacturing of production extrusion equipment and tooling such as extruder heads, tip and dies, cooling and vacuum tanks, conveyor systems, pay offs, winders or other downstream equipment. We work closely with our internal and external customers who understand how a subtle detail can have a significant impact of efficiency, productivity, and user friendliness.

A good example of this is how our troughs and cooling tanks are manufactured using rounded corners wherever possible. This significantly improves cleanability and reduces the risk of contamination form particulate accumulation in the sharp corners. This may sound trivial, but such a simple design change can improve component quality and increase the speed of line certifications.

We can create custom tooling for just about any extrusion need.

  • Large scale equipment
  • Replacement components
  • Crossheads and in-line heads
  • Tips and dies for profile, multi-lumen and multi-layer tubing
  • Equipment & tooling specifically suited for specialty materials such as performance plastics, rubbers and silicone

Beyond medical extrusion tooling and equipment, we also offer manufacturing for medical components and devices such as implants and specialty metal components, requiring the same sophistication and eye for detail. This includes our Swiss Screw Machining capabilities and 3D additive manufacturing capabilities.

We are accustomed to working on small custom designs as well as large, high volume production programs. Whatever the need, we will do our best to support you.

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