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Machining & Equipment Fabrication

The Hi-Tech Machine and Fabrication Product Line uses state-of-the-art equipment and a flexible manufacturing environment to be capable of meeting small to large volume demands, on time. Combining our core business of CNC machined electrical components and full cable assembly with Proterial Cable America’s advanced wire/cable manufacturing capabilities permits us to keep many processes “in-house”, yielding greater control over lead times and further increasing delivery performance confidence.

The Hi-Tech Machine & Fabrication products and facility equipment are the service backbone for the HPMS facilities success. The shop and services provided have helped us to become a leader in the medical tubing space and a significant supplier to the defense industry. We pride ourselves on the quality of our precision machined components and assemblies showcasing our ability to provide highly consistency and reliability services to our customer base.

We can support partial and full device fabrication. Our services span a wide range of products and unique capabilities, such as cable assemblies, medical devices and equipment assembly, and defense related assemblies. Because we are a division of Proterial Cable America, the HPMS group can offer many products that enable substantial vertical integration and reduce an OEMs burden on managing multiple suppliers. HPMS has access to a vast pool of products and resources when it comes to high performance cable and tubing for volume production.

Within our facilities we can bring together many elements under one roof by providing products and services such as:

As well as quality that achieves a high degree of customer satisfaction through:

  • Defect free products and services
  • On-time delivery
  • Stringent quality protocols with continuous improvement
  • Responsive service


  • 2012 - Hi-Tech Molds expanded into a full CNC machine shop.
  • 2014 - Hi-Tech Molds is ISO 9001: 2015 registered.
  • 2015 - Hi-Tech Molds becomes Hi-Tech Machine & Fabrication.
  • 2015 - Hi-Tech Machine & Fabrication Recommended to the OSHA S.H.A.R.P. Program.
  • 2016 - Hi-Tech Machine & Fabrication becomes A Proterial Group Company.
  • 2017 - Hi-Tech Machine & Fabrications, LLC is merged into HTP-MEDS, LLC.
  • 2018 - HTP-MEDS, LLC becomes a part of Proterial Cable America Inc. as the High Performance Medical Solutions division under HCA. Hi-Tech Machine & Fabrication remains as a product line under HPMS.
  • 2018 - Hi-Tech Machine & Fabrication Significantly expands the machine shop with new square footage for both the office and manufacturing staff, as well as adding new capabilities within the shop.
  • 2019 - Hi-Tech Machine & Fabrication, selected by Electric Boat as a distinguished critical partner for the EB Makes program. An amazing honor and achievement!


The objective of the HPMS division is to supply product that meets and exceeds our customers' requirements. Proterial stands behind our products with our quality guarantee. Teamwork, innovation, and the right attitude are the driving forces behind the success of the company in achieving this objective.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AS9100 compliant practices since 2015
  • ITAR compliant
  • Software-based Quality Management System (QMS) to track all jobs and closely monitor product deliverables and efficiencies
  • Each job is individually labeled and tracked throughout the production cycle
  • All parts are 100% inspected before they leave the factory.

We are committed to achieving a high degree of Customer Satisfaction by providing:

  • Build-to-print and custom manufacturing
  • Defect free products and services
  • On-time and in-full delivery
  • Continuous improvement of our QMS


Our primary markets, Defense and Medical, require strict and absolute adherence to delivery deadlines to ensure program success. Our strong Quality Management System, customer centric culture, and advanced technology base allow us to successfully serve our customers with mission critical components and assemblies.

  • CAGE CODE: 79N81
  • Primary NAICS Code 336413
  • Secondary NAICS CODE 332721
Medical Machining & Fabrication


We design and manufacture high quality precision components and fabrication equipment for the catheter extrusion industry, as well as components and assemblies for other medical devices, or implantable technologies. Our experience and expertise span a wide range of conventional and exotic materials for achieving the maximum quality and performance.

Defense Machining & Fabrication


The only way to maintain a cutting-edge military is to be at the cutting edge of the technology that builds it. Through consistent and responsive innovation, strict quality standards, and a drive to increase efficiency, we have earned a highly credible reputation as defense supplier. We provide build-to-print high volume manufacturing services as well as low volume program development support.

Commercial Machining


Our commercial assembly customers benefit from our strong experience with both the medical and defense related sectors. Our systems and tools are well suited for a wide variety of commercial applications requiring machining or custom fabricated assemblies.


Company Profile

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