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Low Capacitance Micro-coaxial

Hitachi’s advanced foam PFA extrusion process delivers low capacitance cable with reliable performance. We utilize a polyester tape skin over the foam to deliver the dielectric withstand voltage required by the medical industry. 38 AWG to 48 AWG wire sizes are available. These are 70, 75, and 85 Ohm impedance cables.

low capacity micro coaxial cable cross section low capacity micro coaxial cable
Low Capacitance Micro-Coaxial

Note: Custom designs available.
*Part numbers shown in red are items that we typically stock, all other part
numbers shown throughout the catalog are built to order with standard
MOQs and lead times.

*48 AWG Our newly developed coaxial cable for medical applications uses multiple fluorocarbon polymer monofilaments as a wrapped insulation layer surrounding the wire as opposed to the foam fluorocarbon polymer extruded directly over the wire. Our new product will make such medical devices as ultrasound diagnostic equipment and endoscopes more user-friendly and capable of producing higher-definition diagnostic images. We will continue to introduce new wire and cable products for medical applications that advance state-of-the-art medical technology. 50 AWG is currently under development, call for more information.

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