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ChannelFLEX® High Flex Flat Cabling Solutions

ChannelFLEX® is a unique cabling solution suitable for medical, semiconductor clean rooms and standard industrial applications requiring high flex and particulate free operation. The system permits the owner to safely run cables and/or hoses in flat pods, from Point A to Point B, without concerns of binding or kinking. ChannelFLEX® reduces installation time, minimizes cable related downtime and ensures maximum performance of the applications operating over it.

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1. Self Supporting

ChannelFLEX® utilizes an internal structure that supports the entire construction and eliminates the need for C-track in assembled form.

2. Pod Based Designs

Conventional C-track material, when flexed, generates particulates. ChannelFLEX® utilizes enclosed pods made from ultra-low friction material that encapsulate and trap unwanted particulates. ChannelFLEX® pods are designed to accommodate a number of cables and/or tubes carrying gases or liquids.

3. High Flex

ChannelFLEX® is designed for long and predictable flex life applications with up to 30,000,000 cycles or more for some cables.

4. Custom Design Options

The quantity of pods in the ChannelFLEX® link can also be customized. You can have individual or multiple cables per pod. If desired, a self-supporting non-metallic chain can be inserted into a pod to allow the link to maintain a minimum bend radius. This feature ensures cable and tube bend radius minimums are not exceeded.

5. Cleanroom Applications

ChannelFLEX® protects the environment in which it is used. The pods trap and hold any particulate released by the flexing cables and tubes within. It is IPA Class 1 rated for particulate emissions and can be used in cleanroom environments, such as those in medical or semiconductor manufacturing.

ChannelFLEX® System Overview


Semiconductor & Cleanroom Solutions


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