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Cables for Specific Usage

The applications for medical probe cables, typically used in ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, can be expanded to other medical equipment such as endoscopes, catheters, and animal probes. Proterial Cable offers customized cable to meet specific needs depending on the application or equipment.


Fine Wire for Surgical, Catheter & Endoscopy

Our high strength micro-coaxial cable with ultra-thin medical grade jacketing is the optimal solution for advanced catheter applications.

Features & Benefits

Hybrid bundled cables

Our bundles can include many different styles of cables in addition to micro-coaxial cable. Hitachi offers various tubing for air or fluidics, specialty optical fiber for data and power transport, or just basic data and power copper wiring. We custom design each cable for whatever evolving and demanding need occurs. Hybrid bundling of a multi-function cable is also available.

Features & Benefits

catheter cable

NOTE: Medical Grade Cables meet Biocompatability requirements: USP Systemic Toxicity, USP Intracutaneous Toxicity, ISO Sensitization, Pyrogen, and Cytotoxicity.

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