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Q: Why is Drybit better than using OSP Cat 6 to Indoor Cat 6?

A: Drybit™ cable is designed to take the place of 2 cables. Dybit cable is both plenum rated (CMP) and rated for continuous use in a wet environment. When installing a cable run that will go through both a wet place and a plenum space, the only option (until Drybit) has been to run two types of cables and connect them with a consolidation point or transition point. This is required both to ensure compliance to US national electrical code and to ensure the electrical performance of the cable. Indoor cables that are emerged in water will fail fairly quickly. Using two cables is more costly than using Drybit in that it requires more materials and time than just running one cable. Hitachi’s Drybit cables (in both Category 6 and 6A) allow the user to run one cable through both environments.

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