What is UPoE?

UPoE, or Universal Power over Ethernet, is a proprietary PoE system offered by Cisco that delivers up to 60 watts of power to end devices. UPoE can support applications such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which is an internet-based hosted desktop service. In a VDI deployment, your desktop/laptop operating system is kept on a server in a data center, rather than on the individual device. By using a user name and password, a user can access his or her profile from any device rather than a dedicated one. 

VDI also saves documents via automatic backups to a secure company server rather than to the local device ensuring survival of the documents regardless of the state of the device. In an enterprise setting, remote devices can receive power and their network connection via UPoE. The application of UPoE in a VDI environment greatly reduces the need for electrical infrastructure/outlets and makes moves and adds easier, quicker and less costly.

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