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Q: When should I use Catgory 6?

A: Category 6A, initially designed to support data center backbone applications, is now the TIA recommended cable for all new and future Ethernet applications, especially Wireless Access Points.

10G Ethernet utilizes all four pairs for bidirectional transmit and receive each pair transmitting up to 2.5 Gbps times (x) 4 pairs to provide a total of 10G. Due to the narrow 133 millivolt signal encoding separation the application is more susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise levels so additional TIA cable-to-cable testing was introduced to measure immunity to alien crosstalk. With the introduction of high data rate Power over Ethernet applications such as high-speed Wireless Access Points and high definition video such as HDBaseT, Category 6A is the only cable designed to transmit the combined high level of data as well as remote powering for the growing number of data-hungry and power-hungry applications.

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