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Q: What is the difference between verified, compliant and listed? These terms are often used to describe cables. What do they mean?

A: Verified refers to the electrical performance of a cable. It is often preceeded by the term "third party". It means the cable was tested by someone other than the manufacture and that they verify it meets a particular level of performance. However, the "third party" verification is only as good as the third party verifying it. UL for example, is the leader in product verification. If it doesn\'t indicate UL verification, or that of another well known entity, it is reasonable to question the data. All of PCA category cables are verified by UL.<br><br> Compliant, as it relates to electrical performance, means that a product has been tested by the manufacturer and that they have found it to meet the requirements of a particular standard. Compliant products should raise eyebrows because they haven't been tested by a neutral, recognized third party. One must wonder why? Listed refers to the physical attributes of a cable. This is a requirement of National Electrical Code. Cables must have the appropriate listing, such as CMR or CMP, in order to be installed in a particular environment. Listings are obtained from companies like UL.

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