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Q: What is Drybit?

A: Drybit™ is a line of cables from Proterial Cable America that are both plenum-rated for indoor use and outdoor rated for use in wet environments. Drybit cables permit the use of one cable in situations where two cables have been used. Drybit cables are also UV resistant. Drybit cables are available in UL verified Category 6 and 6A designs. Both shielded (F/UTP) and unshielded (UTP) versions of the Cat 6 and 6A cables are available. Drybit cables utilize a unique construction to permit it to be water proof and gel free. Standard indoor cables are not water proof. Also, water, when in close proximity to a cable, impacts its electrical performance. The Drybit design mitigates the electrical impact of the water. The outer jacket is also water proof.

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