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Q: What is Catgory 6A?

A: Category 6A is part of the ANSI/TIA 568-C family of standards. Category 6A is used to describe a performance level given to cables and connective hardware that exceed the physical and electrical parameters defined in the ANSI/TIA standard. Electrical performance is characterized from 1 to 500 MHz. Electrical parameters include Insertion Loss, Return Loss, NEXT, PSNEXT, ACRF, PSACRF, PSANEXT, PSAACRF. Category 6A is ideally suited to accommodate 10 Gigabit Ethernet and all other Ethernet applications preceding it. Category 6A introduce us to the term Alien Crosstalk or ANEXT. PSANEXT and PSAACRF are forms of this. Alien Crosstalk is unwanted noise that jumps from one cable to an adjacent cable with Category 6 offers higher performance than Category 5e.

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