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Q: What does REACH really mean?

  • Registration- any chemical substances manufactured or imported into the EU must be registered if the quantities exceed more than 1 metric ton per year. The registration requirement is per substance and per manufacturer or importer.
  • Evaluation- there are two parts to the REACH evaluation process, substance evaluation and dossier evaluation. Substance evaluation consists of a selected number of chemical substances to go under further evaluation and the focus typically is on substances that are manufactured or imported in large amounts. It is also required that at least 5% of the dossiers submitted for REACH certification be thoroughly evaluated.
  • Authorization- REACH authorization is mandated for some products and individuals interested in a particular product can check the candidate list and authorization list to see if the product is authorized.
  • Restriction- the European Commission may select to use restriction on chemical substances in order to help control the distribution or use of dangerous chemicals within a common market. Any chemical substances under restriction can be located in the REACH Annex XVII.

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