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Q: Is there such a thing as counterfeit cable?

A: Yes, there is. Unfortunately, just like compact disks and watches, there is counterfeiting going on. Counterfeit cable is being manufactured at facilities around the world. And, some of this cable has found its way to the U.S. Disguised as product from well know manufacturers, this cable may have inferior electrical characteristics. Also, it will most likely be made of inferior materials and will not pass flammability tests required by national electrical code. In the event of a fire, counterfeit cable may not perform as national electrical code requires it to. In the event of a fire, the liability implications for installing noncompliant cable could be significant. To help ensure only genuine PCA product is on the market, PCA utilizes holographic stickers on its packages. These stickers identify PCA as the origin of a box of cable. This also allows our customers and their customers to be confident that they have purchased and are installing genuine PCA cable.

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