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Q: How do I terminate Drybit to a plug?

A: Drybit cable has a unique construction that allows it to be both rated for plenum spaces and appropriate for wet locations. Drybit has a dual outer jacket construction. The first layer of the outer jacket should be stripped in the manner that you would strip any jacket from any category cable. Your cable ringer can be set up to do score the outer layer without cutting into the inner layer. Bend and snap the out layer so it can be slid off and removed. Remove approximately 3 inches of outer jacket. Go up about ½ inch from where the outer jacket was removed and ring the inner jacket. Bend and snap and slide off this inner jacket layer. This will expose the barrier below. Using nips, nip the edge of the barrier then unwrap and discard it. This will expose the cable core. You can separate the pairs and using nippers remove the central filler cutting it as close as possible to the pairs without nicking them. You can now attach your plug. IDC style or crimp on can be used. The inner layer of the jacket is where the connector will attach to the jacket. There are many plugs on the market that can be utilized with Drybit. A few examples are: Sentinel pn: 111S08080054H34, Signamax pn: KRJS45FT-C6A, Platinum ezEX44.

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