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Proterial cables for wireless & cell tower applications

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Wifi cables5G is the latest cellular technology that promises vast improvements over the older generations of wireless technology. A 5G cellular network is also one that is more densely populated with antennas than previous generations. This will result in far fewer gaps in coverage. In order to blanket an area with coverage, however, cellular providers must install a great number of smaller antennas closer to the user. In addition to the ubiquitous cell tower, these antennas will go on buildings, light poles and virtually anywhere that is close to users and accessible.

Wireless Solutions5G also promises to be much faster than previous generations, up to 40 times faster than 4G. That improved throughput will be beneficial for a number of emerging technologies. Autonomous cars are the big one. But, faster download speeds, vastly improved streaming and uninterrupted gaming will also result from the implementation of 5G.

5G will also deliver low latency, which is the time it takes data to travel between two points. Lower latency can enable other technologies, such as car to car communication which could be used to improve traffic flow. With wireless usage steadily increasing and network congestion growing, 5G is the solution to our growing cellular needs. However, wireless 5G requires a surprising amount of cable and antennas to make it work. Proterial Cable America is a leader in the manufacture of cables for distributed antennas and cellular networks. Proterial has over 30 years of experience in making cables for a variety of high-performance applications. We are currently a North American leader in the manufacture of fiber/copper composite cables for the cellular industries 5G rollout.

Our cables are designed to meet the specific needs of our wireless customer. Cables include fiber optic stands and copper conductors of a variety of gauges. Since cables are custom made, you get exactly what you need. Contact Proterial Cable America to learn more about our cables for wireless technologies.

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