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Coaxial & Mini-Coaxial Cable Solutions

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50-75 Ohm Mini-Coax

Proterial Cable America, Inc. is a leader in coaxial transmission line technology and production. We provide the broadest range of transmission line solutions for wire less communications, audio/video. medical and indus- trial applications. Our engineering expertise and range of manufacturing capabilities are unmatched in the indus try. With production at our Manchester, New Hampshire facility, we focus both on specialized applications with extremely demanding performance requirements and high volume commercial applications at frequencies from a few KHz to 20 GHz.

As a division of Proterial Metals Limited, Proterial Cable America, Inc has access to the resources of one of the largest manufacturers of cable products in the world. HML designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber-optic cables, interconnect systems and coaxial and specialty cable. HML employs more than 16,000 people at over 27 facilities in more than 15 different countries.

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Micro-Coaxial & Micro-Twinax Designs

36 to 50 AWG

Proterial Cable America offers a full line of fine wire coaxials and twinaxials from 36 to 50 AWG. Many of our cables use Proterial developed copper alloy to provide superior conductivity, flexibility and tensile strength. We have a long history of precision wire development for the medical industry – for ultrasound, catheter, endoscopy and surgical applications, plus industrial inspection using ultrasound technologies. Think of Proterial Cable America for your next fine wire development program.

Design of a Micro-coaxial cable Proterial Cable America’s coaxial cables are tested with equipment that simulates a wide variety of environmental and electrical performance conditions. As a result, the expectations for positive, reliable and trouble free operations are of the highest level of confidence.

Proterial Cable America’s coaxial cables are engineered with a wide selection of gauges and materials, with each offering the benefits for mechanical, electrical and cost consideration applications. Cable selections would include broadband, standard analog, precision video for analog and digital, bundled RGB, video triax, low loss coax and more.

Proterial Cable America, Inc. produces innovative coaxial cable products designed for the wireless, audio/video, medical and Industrial markets. Industrial applications include high power and environmentally rugged materials for use in robust applications. Proterial Cable America is a leader in the mini and microcoaxial cable market, for medical solutions such as Ultra Sound Probe, Catheter and Endoscope applications.

Proterial Cable America, Inc. supports end customers directly and through distribution channels, with many standard products available through our extensive distributor network. Technical requirements are addressed by Regional Sales Managers and factory direct applications engineers. Proterial Cable America has the ability to develop application specific solutions, drawing on the broadest range of knowledge available in the industry.

Hitachi can produce micro-coaxials from 36 to 50 AWG Micro-coax and Micro-twinax enable fine pitch terminations HCA’s coaxial cables are engineered with a wide selection of gauges

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