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Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

Indoor/Outdoor (I/O) fiber optic cables allow users to link their network infrastructure from building to building without the transition from indoor cable, to outside plant cable (OSP), then back to indoor cable. These transitions are required by national electrical code since outside plant cables, which offer protection from the elements, cannot typically pass the electrical code requirements for indoor use. I/O cables, which are relatively new compared to OSP cables, can travel directly from a network room, leave the building and go outside, typically via conduit or aerial lashing, then re-enter a building and go directly to the intended network room. They can do this because in addition to outdoor cable characteristics, they are plenum or riser rated and can, therefore, be run inside buildings.

armored indoor outdoor fiber optic cable

The advantages to using I/O fiber optic cables include fewer connection points, thus fewer points of potential failure, enhanced security (since no additional enclosures are needed) and improved electrical (photonic) performance since light attenuation, which occurs as the result of connectors, splices, etc., is avoided. Attenuation negatively impacts network performance. Additionally, many I/O cables are tight buffered, which allows them to accept connectors without the use of furcation kits, needed for OSP cables. This saves time and money.

Avoid damage with a PCA Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Armoring of I/O cable adds an additional level of security and protection to the cable. Today, network downtime, in any application, is unacceptable. Damage to a fiber optic cable, during installation or following, can be avoided by using an armored fiber. And, since fiber optic cables usually support multiple users, the risk associated with losing a fiber optic link is typically more significant than losing a single user. Armored I/O fiber optic cables are the ideal solution for nearly all instances where the cable needs to exit a structure and then re-enter one. And, HCA's new armored I/O fiber optic has a plenum rating, the highest electrical code rating for communication cables, it can go anywhere within a building. HCA's armored I/O fiber optic gives you the ultimate freedom to build the network that meets your specific needs.

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