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Open System Architecture

Whether you are installing the highest-performing Category copper cabling or fiber optic infrastructure, there are a number of well-known brands available to choose from. What makes one brand a wiser choice than another? Which one offers maximum performance, while also providing the best value? Open System Architecture (OSA) from Proterial Cable America (Hitachi) provides world class performance using virtually any combination of Proterial verified cables with verified connective hardware in the design of the network.

Premise Solutions

Signamax & Proterial Cable America

As another example of Proterial Cable America’s (Hitachi) Open System Architecture commitment, Signamax and Proterial have collaborated to offer a number of high performing Ethernet solutions. Supporting up to 10 gigabit Ethernet, the Signamax/ Proterial solutions are backed by system quality assurance testing based on the worst-case model - four-connector 100-meter channel specified by the leading ANSI and IEC struc­tured cabling standards. These tests were performed by Intertek Testing Services (ETL) and included ten parameters vital for reliable functioning of modern IT cabling systems. For your IT cabling needs, remember that Signamax and Proterial exceed the standards.

Signamax Brochure
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