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Q: Category 6A cable is available in shielded and unshielded constructions. Which one should I chose?

A: Both offer desirable features and both accommodate 10-gigabit Ethernet to 100 meters. Shielded Category 6A (FUTP) has a smaller outside diameter and is significantly more resistant to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference than the unshielded (UTP) version. Category 6A FUTP overcomes alien crosstalk (signal jumping from cable to cable) through use of a shield. Category 6A UTP cables use unique constructions to accomplish the same. The result is a larger diameter cable. You can, therefore, fit more Category 6A FUTP cables in a conduit than you can Category 6A UTP cables. Shielded cables also require shielded connectivity. However, when properly installed, an FUTP solution is more robust and less susceptible to exterior interference. It also offers security features that UTP does not, making it the choice of vital government agencies and financial institutions. PCA offers its Category 6A Supra cables in both FUTP and UTP.

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