Wire and Cable Acronynms and Abbreviations

ACRAttenuation-to-Crosstalk Ratio
ACRFAttenuation-to-Crosstalk Ratio Far-End
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
AWGAmerican Wire Gauge
BELLCOREBell Communications Research
BICSIBuilding Industry Consulting Services International
CATVCommunity Antenna Television
EIAElectronic Industries Alliance
ELFEXTEqual Level Far-End Crosstalk
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility
EMIElectromagnetic Interference
FCCFederal Communications Commission
FDDIFiber Distributed Data Interface
FEXTFar-End Crosstalk
FOCISFiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard
F/UTPFoil Over Unshielded Twisted Pairs
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission
IEEEThe Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ILDInsertion Loss Deviation
LCLLongitudinal Conversion Loss
LCTLLongitudinal Conversion Transfer Loss
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
LANLocal Area Network
LEDLight Emitting Diode
Mb/sMegabits Per Second
MUTOAMulti-User telecommunications Outlet Assembly
NEC®National Electrical Code®
NEMANational Electrical Manufacturers Association
NESCNational Electrical Safety Code®
NEXTNear-End Crosstalk
NFPANational Fire Protection Association
NVPNominal Velocity of Propagation
PSACRPower Sum Attenuation-to-Crosstalk Ratio
PSACRFPower Sum Attenuation-to-Crosstalk Ratio Far-End
PSELFEXTPower Sum Equal Level Far-End Crosstalk
PSFEXTPower Sum Far-End Crosstalk
PSNEXTPower Sum Near-End Crosstalk
SFTPBraided Shield Over Pairs in Foil
STPShielded Twisted-Pair
TIATelecommunications Industry Association
TSBTelecommunications System Bulletin
ULUnderwriters Laboratories
UTPUnshielded Twisted-Pair

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