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HiFC – Proterial Fine Copper


High performance pure copper HiFC™ is new generation of pure copper that can be used in replacement of high-purity 6N copper which is 99.9999% pure. HiFC™ has superior elongation, high conductivity (> 101% IACS) and excellent welding performance equal to oxygen-free copper wire. With trace amounts of titanium added HiFC™has almost the same softening characteristic as high-purity 6N copper and it can be produced by continuous casting and hot rolling.

HiFC™ can be used as an electro-conductive material in electric wires and cables for a wide range of market fields, such as electric power distribution, medical instruments and cabling, and for information & telecommunication applications.

HiFC™ can be used as the base material for our micro-coaxial wire products when extreme performance is required.

Other specialty materials are being developed through:

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