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The control of metallurgical microstructures with an in-depth study of thermal and mechanical influences is essential to realizing a High-Strength / High-Conductivity conductor. It is because of our advanced analytical techniques and broad experience that we have become a leader in high performance materials.


The determining factor in the performance of a micro-coaxial cable is the state of the insulation layer. Low capaci-tance coaxial cable relies on the precise extrusion of the foamed PFA material. 50AWG coaxial cable cannot be produced without tight controls on ultra-thin PFA. Therefore, the stable characteristics of our cables are created by precisely controlling the extrusion process.


To achieve the targeted characteristics, it is imperative to control the raw materials as well as the processes from beginning to end. Thermal and tensional conditioning along with spatial adherence is paramount and is applied at every stage of production to build a cable that not only meets but often exceeds the engineered intent.


When it comes to custom specifications, we have the materials and expertise to produce highly unique designs. Our cable development team can quickly predict with a degree of high accuracy the success of a specific design. In doing so, we can reduce lead times and minimize waste, all while creating novel characteristics that satisfy the need.

Cable Test

We possess specialized cable test equipment to evaluate and confirm product reliability ranging from the flex testing machines evaluating the mechanical characteristics of flex and twist resistance, to the laboratory devices required for measuring the electrical characteristics such as capacitance and impedance.


Terminating a cable is sometimes just as challenging as making one. Often, the finer a coaxial cable becomes, the narrower the soldering pitch needs to be. We encourage our customers to involve Proterial early in the design so that these termination considerations are taken into account. Through dialogue we can advise of suitable polymers and lead-free solder, or other processes, for the assembled structures. If customers desire, we can manage both assembly and final product packaging in our controlled facilities.

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