Proterial Advantages

When customers work with Proterial Cable America, they should understand that they are immediately a part of much broader global community. Proterial strives to create innovative solutions that address not only the challenges of today but also of the future. At the heart of Proterial is our belief in Social Innovation. Social Innovation can help to address some of the larger issues that will aid in improving the lives of billions of people worldwide.

Proterial Group Companies provide services and solutions that meet the most stringent of medical needs. Our rich line-up of quality products and industry experience allow us to reach new frontiers in medical science and development. Whether it’s a novel material, a component requirement, or a complex assembly, our global Group Companies are prepared to solve your specialized medical needs.

Our parent company, Proterial Metals Group Ltd., a division of Proterial Ltd., plays a critical role in supplying a diverse array of high-performance materials for a broad range of markets. Products such as specialty alloys, magnetic materials and batteries that are critical to the performance of medical systems.

Thanks to this we are able to offer additional products and services ranging from medical machining and equipment fabrication, precision medical cable, assembly services, high performance tubing and full device assembly.

With facilities in several countries and states within the United States we hope to build upon our core strengths and further the role that we play as a healthcare supplier.

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