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High Capacitance Micro-coaxial

We offer a broad selection of copper alloy wire with precision wire gauges ranging from 36 AWG to 50 AWG. These superfine, high strength, highly conductive 7 strand constructions are useful for small diameter flexible cables. We offer standard 50 & 60 Ohm impedence products. Please call if alternate constructions are required.

High Capacitance Micro Coaxial Cable Cross Section High Capacity Micro Coaxial Cable
High Capacitance Micro-Coaxial

Note: Custom designs available.

1 HiFC® = Proterial Fine Copper
  • HiFC® is a new generation of pure copper with high conductivity, the same as that of a high purity 6N copper. This results in a cable with lower resistance and 20% improvement in attenuation but the bend life is reduced as a compared to our standard copper alloy.
  • HiFC® is a registered trademark of Proterial Metals, Ltd Japan.
    • 2 PFA = Perfluoroalkoxy
      3 Polyester tape is standard for the part numbers shown. PFA Jacketed versions are available under alternate part numbers not listed here.
      4 Part numbers shown in red are items that we typically stock, all other part numbers shown throughout the catalog are built to order with standard MOQs and lead times.
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