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Q: What are some common catheter types?

A: Indwelling Catheters - Stays in the body for a longer period of time
Intermittent Catheters - Used for a very brief period and purpose
Intravenous (IV) Catheters - Used to draw blood and provide fluids
Procedural Introducer Sheath / Dilators / Port Catheters - Access catheters for other procedures
Guide Catheters - Used to provide support for procedural device advancement
Delivery Catheters - Used to deliver fluids and chemicals
Diagnostic Catheters - Used to access key body functions and determine procedural needs
Procedural Catheters - Used to correct a problem within the body
Drainage Catheter - Used to remove fluids
Monitoring Catheters - Used to assess patients vitals and other ongoing diagnostics
Implantable Catheters - Catheters left in the body for long periods of time for the delivery of drugs, chemicals and accessing the blood
Hemodialysis Catheters - Designed specifically for the transport of blood during a transfusion.

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