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Q: What is the High Performance Medical Solutions division specialty?

A: Proterial has many specialties within the medical space. HPMS specializes in providing extremely hard to manufacture medical tubing suitable for intra vascular access (peripheral devices, PICCs, ports, dialysis, and central venous), cardiovascular (angiography, diagnostic mapping, ablation, IVUS, inflatable balloons and guiding catheters), urology, neurovascular applications, and specialty catheters. On the wire and cable end of the business, HPMS (Proterial brand) is a world recognized leader in the ultrasound and fine wire space. We provide full contract manufacturing assembly services in Suzhou, China. We manufacture some of the smallest and most complex wire and devices in the industry (single wire, coaxial wire, small gauge twisted pairs, twinax cable, bundled cable and hybrid cable). We specialize in developing and manufacturing highly advanced materials for a wide range of industries and applications.

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