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Optical Fiber

Optical fiber is increasingly used in medical applications where high reliability is required. Exterior jackets to withstand heat and/or cleaning solutions are available.

Features & Benefits


Hybrid Cables (Optical/Electrical)

The integration of Optics and Electronics is a trend in many fields. We provide hybrid cable and the precision assembly solutions to meet highly specialized optical and electrical specifications.

Features & Benefits


Optical Interconnect Technology


Medical equipment and devices are often situated and used in environments that are full of noise, such as high voltages and high magnetic fields. Transmission noise is the utmost hindrance for diagnostic imaging, where even the tiniest changes in the affected area should not be overlooked. Hitachi has succeeded in producing fiber and lighter optical wires using our unique mounting technologies and extending the fields of application. Noise free optical transmission, immune to the effects of electricity and magnetic force, will expand the possibilities for diagnostic imaging.


Benefits of O/E Technology

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