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Beyond-The-Link Building Systems

It's all in the Cable

In virtually all cable based communication links, it is the cable that determines the ultimate performance of that link. It is the cable, not the connectors, that establishes how well the applications that run over it will be supported. This is the reason why many cable manufacturers make different performance levels of Category 6 cable while jack and plug manufacturers make only one jack or plug to mate to them. The desirable headroom that results from the link is provided by the cable. With a growing list of applications for Category 6, many of them critical to a facility’s operation, selecting a quality cable from an established manufacturer is recommended. Additionally, with an increase in counterfeit and unestablished brands flooding the market, protect your investment by sourcing only through trusted distribution channels.

Internet of Things

Cable is Key!

  • Cable is the highest cost component of passive infrastructures
  • Cable determines margin of performance headroom in the link and channel
  • Cable vendor should be lead warranty provider

Proterial Lifetime Certificate of Warranty and the Internet of Things

  • Provides single point of contact
  • Offers lifetime application assurance and extended product warranty
  • Enables the solution can be expanded beyond the link to include other building cabling systems
  • Can consolidate and offer a warranty umbrella to include different connectivity manufacturer products on the same structured wiring system
  • Warranty lasts as long as the owner occupies the facility
Certificate of Warranty

Third Party Link and Channel Testing

  • Hitachi’s entire product family provides a high margin of performance headroom
  • Cables will enable the user to have choices selecting from a wide range of leading connectivity products that will meet and surpass performance link and channel standards

These charts demonstrate consistent performance margin across the entire Proterial Category 6 and 6A product family when the cables are mated to leading connectivity brandsA channel test meeting the “0” (zero) base-line limit would be in compliance with the standard’s requirement.

The enhanced performance that all Proterial cables deliver allows freedom of choice for system decision-makers on which connectivity brand to use. All tests were performed at Intertek / ETL.

Download our Open System Architecture brochure here (Acrobat™ PDF)

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